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Re: What are you playing right now?

Not just old, but I've never had the manual dexterity to play games that require several simultaneous button presses. It's why I won't play any game with the word Combo associated with it, and why I can't play a game like Fifa that requires you to be an octodigited phenom in order to just tackle someone.

But yes, old too

I had a very interesting evening last night, playing the Steam Trading Card Game.

As I've been playing only PC games since about December, I'd been picking up card drops on Steam. Initially I thought, 'what poor saps are paying money to buy these cards?' and I didn't sell any of mine 'cos I felt I was taking advantage of someone, somewhere.

Then I changed my mind, and sold a bunch of them, and got a few Steam Cents credited to my wallet. I spent this on new games.

Then I noticed that some people on Steam have a extremely nice Profile page, with badges and background images etc. So I decided that I would craft a Mount and Blade badge for myself. For this I needed 10 M&B trading cards, which could be crafted into a badge.

I played M&B Warband for 2 hours or so, and got all 5 badges to drop (each game only drops about 50% of the cards required for a badge). One of these was a duplicate, so I sold it. That left me with 4 badges, and I was able to buy 5 more at 8c each with the money I'd saved from selling my Swapper badges (sold for about 13c each).

I was short one card! I considered adding funds to my wallet (see comment above about saps buying cards) - I needed 8c to buy the last card. Then I realised I could start up FTL and use it to get a couple more cards to sell (2 at 5c each) so I did that.

I bought the card, crafted the badge, got a background theme as a bonus, got a 20% off voucher for some game, I think Crackajack's GOTY, was it Velocity Ultra?, and "levelled up" two Steam levels. A satisfying result! What an evening's gaming!

The interesting thing about buying the cards was that the seller got 6c, Steam got 1c, and Warband (I assume Taleworlds) got 1c. Now, as I didn't use any real money, a lot of this is artificial...but if they are giving the game maker 1c for every card traded, then the cash must be coming from somewhere. I hope there aren't people somewhere ploughing money into this and sustaining us all. There must be though, and I considered it myself.

You can see my new background etc in my profile - I'm Chopper in the Gamecritics group. It's not that great really, but I thought I'd share.
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