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Re: Best Games of 2013

That's an interesting take on Papers Please. I guess I take the immigration control thing for granted, having had very little issues with it (I did get hauled in the back once in the US, was an interesting scene with lots of women with no English coming to visit their husbands etc). What little I played of Papers Please, I had no issue turning people away - I am employed by a state whose philosophy I have bought into, so why would I not do my job to the best of my ability? And it seems like often when you do people a good turn, they try and take advantage. And in the game! By the way, the guys blowing themselves up outside - were they people I let through, or someone else?

I didn't really play enough of it to see what was what though. My family was starving because I turned people away instead of having them arrested (by mistake) and I assume I didn't get paid for those. But I didn't like the game mechanic of cross referencing shit against a timer, that's pretty much why I didn't like it.

[Edit] That is interesting about the PS3. Work may be making me travel more this year, so I guess taking the playstation with me is now out. My Madden league will suffer...

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