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Re: Best Games of 2013

And a late contender kicks République off one of it's thrones:

Game that shows that touchscreen controls can work and don't suck by default
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS)

Seriously, the touch controls almost work better than both gamepad and mouse & keyboard input on pc and consoles. A tip on my head to the 2K guys porting it to iOS. And a waggle of my finger for how bad it runs on 4S iPhones. I had to close all other programs and restart the phone in order to get the game working. Otherwise it would crash as soon as I start a mission.

Li-Ion's Game of the Year 2013
Gran Turismo 6

I got GT6 as xmas present and have been playing it since. I love it. It is the game GT5 should have been, the game I wanted GT5 to be but which it wasn't. Everything is just better, the handling of the cars, the interface got a major revamp and even though it is still not perfect it is now painless to navigate and loading times are much shorter (albeit still a bit too long for my taste). It is loaded with tracks and cars and exciting races. I've been racing with a muscle car around narrow streets in the Swiss Alps, racing with a Ferrari Dino in Rome and beautiful scenery (the Ferrari Dino is a spectacularly looking car, I might be biased since I love Ferraris, but the Dino is just gorgeous), with the beast of an Audi R8 around the Nürburgring, drove in night races, rallye stages and have the feeling I barely scratched the surface.

Li-Ion's Game of the Year 2013
XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Enemy Unknown was a great game, but the expansion Enemy Within really bringt it to the next level. Firaxis made the XCOM brand it's own now, with excellent additions that at first might sound strange but integrate so well with the game. It's also a game that feels and plays so different, depending on which difficulty it's played on. On normal its a sunday morning breakfast cartoon about superheroes saving the world from cheesy aliens. On classic ironman its a grim late evening sci-fi series about men and women fighting a desperate battle against an overwhelming seeming foe. On impossible ironman (II) it's survival horror at its best. Everything is scarce, there is no winning, only trying to loose a bit slower than the last time. It takes the best elements of rouge-likes and puts them into an engrossing strategy and tactics game. I am now playing classic ironman enemy unknown in my iPhone, but it feels too easy. It's nothing like the devastation of loosing my entire squad to a couple of thin men in the early game on II. Or the realization that I will loose two more countries by the end of the month and there is nothing I can do to save both, which will get the doomsday clock to 12 whatever I do. Excuse me, I have a world to save...

(yes, I have two games of the year, so sue me )
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