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Re: Best Games of this Generation

Gran Turismo 6 10 points - it's the game that GT5 should have been. The weather, the night races, the new simulation model, everything is wonderful in what I think is the reference point for future console racing games and simulations. I don't know any other racing game that has the same breadth of experiences, from kart racing on neon-lit kart tracks to racing with muscle cars to GT and endurance races to driving on the moon. Nothing else comes close and I admire the level of detail in the premium cars, down to the fully working dashboards, knobs and warning lights.

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
My only problem with Diablo III for the PC was that it was way too easy.
That was one of the main problems I think. For experienced players, i.e. someone who can operate mouse and keyboard better than a 3-year old, there was no challenge on 'normal' difficulty. Clicking on enemies made them dead, no strategy or thinking involved. A game as inspiring as cowclicker. It needed 50 or so levels until the game got to a point where I had to start thinking about my gear. What broke the camels back in my case was the straw of level restrictions for the higher difficulties. I finished the game on the second to highest (forgot how it's called) and couldn't advance to the next difficulty because I was 3 levels too low to start. WTF? How can that even happen in a game that is otherwise streamlined into oblivion? The gameplay was so uninspiring that I didn't feel like grinding those 3 levels to get further, I just stopped there and never switched on again. There are plenty of other good games out there.
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