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Re: Best Games of this Generation

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Maybe because it has such PC roots, everyone played the PC version and spoiled it for themselves? Interesting to hear it's such a good game - I don't really know what to make of ARPGs myself, so I probably won't play it though.
I'd only played the 1st Diablo on PC and wasn't a big fan of the mouse and keyboard interface for that game. The original Fallout had those same sort of issues, with the clunky point at the enemies using the mouse.

I held out on Diablo III, because I was not looking forward to a mouse and keyboard for an action RPG. It wasn't until I had played the demo, that I'd downloaded from PSN, that I finally cracked and got the game for the PS3. The reviews praise the game for being an improvement on the consoles.

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