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Re: Best Games of 2013

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Speculation on the GameCritics game of the Year

This could be potentially very interesting, given the new blood in the podcast.

What we know:

Brad's choice usually wins, with support from Mike and/or Daniel.
You can win with two votes.
Chi and Richard are usually split along similar but different lines.
The winner is usually a zombie game.


So, ZombieBrad is in the running with a strong stable of zombie games this year. TLOU, State of Decay, loads of other shit no doubt.
Daniel, though his review read negatively, gave TLOU an 8/10.

So TLOU is an early leader for me, with the potential to only need one vote from Dan/Mike and possibly get two.

State of Decay is a strong contender, but will rely on the other two having played it. Dunno if they have.

From a Chi/Richard point of view, a lot hinges on whether Michael Cunningham is on the Xmas podcast (probably not?), in which case it could be some obscure JPRG taking the honours (Chi + Michael).

But there is also a wild card this year, in Sinan. No idea what he likes, but I think he's firmly in the JRPG camp, so we could easily see something along the lines of Pokemon X+Y being voted in.

Richard has only really played LoL this year, from what I can tell, so his vote may not be worth much.

Wait....I'm pretty sure he has played the latest Batman game, and it could garner support from Brad and that could be a favourite too.
Had to drop in and say this entire analysis is brilliant.
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