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Re: Best Games of 2013

It's funny, in previous years I've voted for my best game and I've included games that are nice, that are beautiful, that are interesting or have nice concepts, without necessarily being must-play games. You know the sort - indies can be a bit precious, while triple A can be uninspired. Where is the addictive gameplay?

This year I'm really happy to say that all of my top three are games that when I finished a session, I could not wait to get back to them. Instead of grudgingly turning on the console or PC and looking with a jaundiced eye at my games list, I was staying up far too late to keep playing, or was sitting at work wondering if I could sneak home an hour early to get back to these games. They are, in reverse order:

3. State of Decay
Wonderful game, with some flaws. It dragged a little at the end, as missions repeated, but also provided you a critical path to the end of the game when you reached the point where you were fed up rescuing survivors, searching for resources, upgrading your base, or hunting the big-bad zombie types.

2. Hotline Miami PS3
Amazing action-puzzler. Not much more to say.

1. Beyond: Two Souls
What can I say? Slated by everyone, it doesn't look like this will even be a game where it will be remembered fondly in a few years. I think its reception was coloured to a large extent by it being fashionable to hate on Mr Cage, though obviously there are reviewers I respect that didn't like it either. I think everyone is dead wrong - I found it both tremendously silly, and tremendously affecting, with possibly the most sympathetic character I've seen in a game so far. And proper role playing for a lot of it too. Incredible.
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