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Re: Best Games of 2013

I haven't really bought a whole lot of newer games on the consoles this year. I didn't pick up The Last of US, even though I do want to play it, Beyond 2 Souls doesn't interest me and latest version of Gears of War is way off of my gaming radar. What I did pick up was GTAV, which really doesn't disappoint, and today I got Diablo III for my PS3.

My PC got a lot of gaming love this year. I picked up Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm and Metro: Last Light. It's been a pretty good year for PC gaming.

Best Graphics

Crysis 3 (PC): Crytek has flexed their programming muscles once again, with the latest chapter in the Crysis series. The story is ho-hum, but the weapons selections and level designs are pretty good. Still, the game is more of a glorified tech demo, with very little replay value.

Battlefield 4 (PC) gets the honorable mention.

Most Disappointing Console of the Year

Wii U: Nintendo had a 1 year head-start on the competition and has pretty much laid an egg. The console continues to falter at retail, with its highest profile game being another Mario title. 3rd parties have pretty much ran for the exits as well.

The Vita gets the (dis)honorable mention, with its lack of software and somewhat flat sales.

Gaming Platform of the Year

PC: Gaming PC hardware has become very affordable in the past couple of years ,and with the competition between NVidia and AMD, the prices for a decent video card have dropped significantly after release. Steam has a huge selection of solid titles at very reasonable prices, and the overall selection of games for this year has been pretty good.

The PS3 gets my honorable mention, with Sony's 1st and 2nd party studios putting out solid games like The Last of Us, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD and Gran Turismo 6. Sony has also established a lot of 3rd party exclusives on disc and through PSN.

Game of the Year

SCII - Heart of the Swarm: I really love the Star Craft titles.;They offer excellent level design and excellent replay value. The latest chapter did not disappoint.

My honorable mention goes to GTAV. Yeah, everyone likes to put this game on a pedestal, but the game does offer a lot of playtime, even though the story and play mechanics aren't that great. It's a great time-killer with a lot things to do to pass the time, and who doesn't like to play the Trevor levels?

I just checked out Adam Sessler's choices for GOTY. He has some pretty interesting choices. I'd like to check out Gone Home.

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