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Re: XCOM Enemy Within

I see enemy health, perhaps something in your display options? Without seeing how much health each alien has it's getting even more difficult I gather.

And the game is really hard, I had three attempts on ironman impossible before my current one and in all of them I got 2 squads wiped within the first month. This is the first time most of my soldiers got out alive. Only problem is that I don't get much Meld due to my rather defensive playstyle at the moment. That will definitely bite me in the long run. Now I have 2 squadsight snipers and consider using my 2 heavies as their spotters in the upcoming terror mission. Wish me luck

Training roulette is a mixed bag. Yes, there can be some perhaps overpowered combinations, but you can also loose a couple of very strong abilities. In my classic ironman I had only two troopers that could take lightning reflexes for example, none of them an assault but one support and one sniper(!). So I ended up using my support to draw overwatch shots so that my assault could run in and gun. When my support was in the infirmary I got seriously "locked in" by overwatching aliens on a handful of missions.
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