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Re: XCOM Enemy Within

Eager to prove herself after losing her entire squad to Chryssalids (or perhaps just eager to get away), captain Tara Maclay was quick to volunteer for a solo undercover mission infiltrating an Exalt base.

With Tara gone, Lieutenant Dawn Summers did her best to lead a team of rookies against an ever increasing alien threat. She did the best she could, even managing a narrow victory in a very bloody battle against some Mutons, but as time went on it became clear that the aliens were winning this war.

To make matters worse, things went horribly wrong during Tara Maclay's extraction mission, and we lost both her and the information she had gone undercover to obtain.

At the end of the month, the council decided to cut all funding to the XCom project. The aliens win yet again.

107 aliens killed, 18 soldiers lost.

So I failed to make it past the third council report this time. Still, I'm getting better! Next time I'll make it to the fourth!

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