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Re: Best Games of 2013

I hope i haven't mixed some 2012 activity in here.

Velocity Ultra


Best mediocre Game
Unit 13

Most disappointing
Jak and Daxter or BF3

Worst sequel
Crysis 2
(i actually still liked it!)

Best expansion
RE5 Gold: Lost in Nightmares

Most intriguing game that I canít bring myself to buy
Dark Souls

Most intriguing game I bought but can't bring myself to play
Batman AC

Best game 2013 I might buy next year
The Last of Us

Most anticipated 2014
The Order 1886

Biggest disagreement between me and the rest of the world
The Far Cry 3 Internet Got it Wrong Award
Rayman Origins

Best music
Lumines Electronic Symphony

Biggest Surprise

Worst Game
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus or MGS HD Collection

Best game mechanic
Guacamelee! or Virtue's Last Reward

WTF-Award for atrocious design
Touch my Katamari

Backlog can wait Award

God damn it, get your act together Award
For resetting my password without notifying me via mail or message on PS3/Vita.
Nothing wrong with resetting, when their new network security happens to notice some suspicious activity, but tell those customers when you did something because of that.
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