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Re: Best Games of 2013

I love these lists

I also have not decided my GOTY, as I have a few candidates on PC yet to play (picked them up on sale last week so should be experiencing them soon).


The Far Cry 3 Internet Got it Wrong Award

This has to be Beyond: Two Souls, a game I enjoyed so much that I finished it in two mammoth sittings. Apparently no one else agrees that it was good, with Eurogamer giving it a 5 and GameCritics a 4 out of 10(gasp!). I'm out on a limb here, but I think it was one of only two Triple A titles that actually delivered a Triple A game, with the other one probably being The Last of Us.

Best Game from a previous year

Miasmata, which I got in 2012 but which my PC would not play. What a game! Not for everyone, with its gameplay consisting of mapping your surroundings, solving a mystery, trying not to succumb to fever, and trying not to get monsterized by the creeping horror on your tail. Tense and rewarding, would have been my #1 last year if I had managed to play it.

Biggest Surprise

Bioshock Infinite, which I had precisely zero hopes for. However I got it on sale 6 months later and enjoyed a hype-free game for what it was - a fun shooter in a beautiful theme park.

which holds the award jointly with:

Bulletstorm, which was a fun, fun game, with my favourite FPS level ever (perhaps I am easily amused).

Honorary Runner Up:

A Valley Without Wind.

Best In-game Beards

I played no game with Beards this year

Most Disappointing

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Best Music

Hotline Miami

Best Sports Game

Out of Top Spin 4, MLB The Show 13, Fifa 13, Out of the Park Baseball 14, Madden 25, and NFS Most Wanted (?) - MLB The Show 13.

The Showing Appreciation for Online Names Award

KRIMINAL_RASTA, who was playing LotR: War in the North. I wonder if he'll be checking out The Hobbit next week with his mum?

Arty Farty Award for Not Much Happening in a Game


Worst Game

Tomb Raider 2013. Just not worth playing really. Nothing interesting about it.
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