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Re: Best Games of this Generation shouldn't dissuade you from getting the game, as it should be experienced, for better or for worse.

I'm actually not familiar with the PC port, apart from reading a few alarming headlines (but not clicking through).

Some of the mechanics have actually been improved on the PS3 (shooting), and the other stuff probably isn't noticeable unless you played the Xbox version, so there's no need to worry about it.

I am just massively disappointed that such an original game went down the cash-grab route. All they had to do was fix a few things in the game, but instead they ignored those and decided to 'monetise' it instead. One of the better female characters of recent years has a Catsuit DLC, for example. But try it out! As I said somewhere else, I wanted to really slate the PS3 port but ended up in grudging admiration despite it all. I probably won't buy any more of his games though.
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