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Re: Best Games of this Generation

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Demon's Souls
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Brütal Legend
Wipeout HD
1/10 each, if you want to count them too
Of course! Your Demon's Souls vote has elevated it into second place above Skyrim.

Good choices too. I'd like to back a few of them:

An FPS unlike any other, primarily in terms of atmosphere and location. What a world. It had issues (the last couple of levels) but was such a strong game that you'd forgive it anything. 7/10

Well, ok, one of them. I was fond of Limbo, but it got tedious for me at the end with all the trial and error.

I would also like to nominate:

Hotline Miami.
I was a bit wary of including this as I only played it recently, but it's really a little slice of perfection. Strong in all departments, encourages different playstyles, and the music was perfect. 9/10

And hey, guys! Guess what we forgot!?

Deadly Premonition!


I'm mixed about this, after their attempt at destroying the game with the recent ports to PS3 and Windows. But it has enough genius contained within it that I will try and forget the whole sorry episode. 8/10
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