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Re: So... the XBox One then...

So... it's coming out then. According to Polygon it's 0,5 better than the PS4 because... I don't really understand why but I'm sure Polygon is not biased at all considering the same person who gives Killzone Shadowfall a 5 for being boring and more of the same gives Forza 5 a 9 for being less of the same for which you have to pay extra. Incidentally, Turn 10 and Microsoft seem to participate in a new type of math test to see if the education system is really as messed up as everyone says it is.

I am trying not to go on a tangent here but Forza 5 is for me now synonymous for everything I loathe about AAA gaming. It's a premium priced game, which adds payment mechanisms of "free to play" games as a top layer, obviously mistaking it for a game mechanic. I read with growing dread in the review that the unlocking mechanics that worked quite nicely in Forza 4 have been replaced with a monetary system, I assume in an attempt to squeeze out more money from micro-transactions (see above).

I also find it hilarious that one would offer to unlock a F1 car for about 70$ which is not part of the 50$ 'car pass' for DLC in upcoming months. Even with all those carpasscars it's a far cry from what upcoming 'current gen' GT6 has to offer with about 130 new cars and new tracks... oh yes: tracks have been reduced to... 14? Albeit Spa is included, the tracks that have been cut are e.g. Suzuka and the Nürburgring. I guess so that they can be added later as DLC for... 10$ each?

And I'm not even talking about the fact that Forza branded 360 wheels don't work with the XBONE anymore, which means buying a new wheel. Well, I'm sure there are still people with too much money in their pockets, but even though I'm by no means poor I don't have money to burn and the whole next gen proposition as intended by Microsoft is WAY too expensive for me. After all Forza 5 is the only XBONE game I was halfway interested at but for all the next gen promise there is not much to see yet. Also, all that TV stuff doesn't work in Europe, so a lot of functionality paid for that can perhaps only be utilized by the time the XBONE slim comes out. And do I hope this beast gets slimmer, as it is I would have to put it on my balcony since there's not that much space anywhere near my TV.

Sorry for the rant, but while I was getting back into console gaming with the PS3/360 era, this next gen is pushing me away again.
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