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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The PSN issues didn't help but mostly it's due to time constraints. I've just started watching the Wire, of which the box set was lying next to my tv for more than a year. The Last of Us I haven't played further than 2 hours so far. I still want to play more Papers, Please and my SL1 game of Dark Souls needs to be completed before Dark Souls 2 comes out. That's not even covering Yakuza 4, Far Cry 2, the Cat Lady, Project Sylpheed and a dozen other games I wanted to at least have a look at. XCOM Enemy Within coming out next month as well! Oh, and I still plan to conquer the world in Mount & Blade, so far I only have about a fifth ;-) and that only covers part of my 'do at home stuff' and none of my 'do outside stuff'. Need more time!

Hence: not earlier than November/December
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