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Re: Best Games of this Generation

Then I definitely nominate Mount & Blade for one of the defining games of this generation! My love-hate-love-affair with Mount & Blade is well documented on the forums, where the story of my peasant woman turned mercenary turned gladiator turned general turned ruler of her own kingdom can be read. This is definitely one game of a scale that couldn't really be done before. Even the base game allows massive medieval battles, in the vein of the Total War-Series and with mods and a powerful enough pc one can truly fight battles worthy of legends. Achieving victory in a siege with hundreds of warriors on both sides is amazing and to suddenly be in power of a kingdom with a simple but engaging web of politics involved completely changes the game halfway through. Many RPG like Dragon Age try to deliver an 'epic' campaign where player choice matters, but none delivers the same way Mount & Blade does with its systems of simulated medieval countries (or Poland, in case of Fire & Sword). It goes from being a lonely adventurer to being a general to commanding entire armies in a believable fashion. Including sometimes not having a clue where the own armies are roaming around since the Lords can have their own agenda. There is only one game I'm more excited about than about Mount & Blade 2, and that is Dark Souls 2. I haven't even started talking about Fire & Sword, that adds muskets that completely change the game and the absolutely hilarious Napoleonic Wars DLC. The multiplayer expansion without respawn (one life per match, just like in real life (or counterstrike)) but with playable music instruments, hundreds of players on each side locked in deadly musket and cavalry warfare. It is unlike any other multiplayer shooter when your best firearm is a single-shot musket that takes 5 to 10 seconds to reload every time... no spray & pray in this game.

Honourable mention to the Mass Effect Trilogy, which has it's share of problems and could really do with a streamlined remake (especially ME1 is painful to play these days), but tells a nice space opera, including naughty sexy aliens and not so sexy aliens. It could do with a bit less 'ancient prophecy' shenanigans, since we played that already on KOTOR, but good effort all around nevertheless. That would perhaps not get a perfect 10 from me, more like a 8 or 9...

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