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Re: Dark Souls 2

Ha ha, I haven't been playing it because a) I was going on holiday and b) I may have messed it up.

The only real Big Bad I killed so far is Ornstein & Smough (and how sweet that was!), but I'm down in Lost Izalith now. I joined the spider covenant and opened the shortcut down there, but then I got a bit carried away and went straight through to Bed of Chaos. I've cut off one of her arms at this point.

The issue may be: I didn't kill the Flame Demon (the flying vanguard-type thing) or the Centipede, so I didn't hook up with Solaire at that bonfire over there. I was thinking I would just go around to him through the dinosaurs but of course I have no Charred Ring to get through the lava! I'm wondering whether he will still be there if I kill Bed of Chaos? Or even if he is still there now?

If I don't talk to him there, he won't appear at Gwynn, I believe, and I have zero chance of taking that fight without him.

Maybe I will try those bosses today and see if he is still around.

Did you go and see the DSII demo?
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