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Re: Best Games of this Generation

StarCraft 2 took my favorite game from the past and made it even better. The esports scene that developed around it has been a lot of fun to follow as well.

Mass Effect has the best story and characters I've seen in a game. I've also never played an RPG in which choice matters more than in mass Effect. The choices I made continued to shape the story hundreds of hours after I made them, and the scenes they helped shape continued to play out perfectly time and time again.

Skyrim has the most fun world to explore. It's somehow both vast and incredibly detailed. I'm 200 hours into it, and there's still no end in sight.

Did Portal come out this generation. That game felt like an instant breath of fresh air. It had a completely innovative gameplay mechanic that it implemented perfectly, and even managed to tell a concise and funny story along the way.

And, uh, 10s all around I guess. Why not? I could talk for hours about design decisions that don't quite work in StarCraft 2, but its still my favorite game. Numerical scores are silly.
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