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Re: Best Games of this Generation

My list is going to be topped with open world style games. What can I say? I love games that allow me to explore the world, without having to follow set paths at every step.

Skyrim: I can't recall any other game that I've put this much time into. I've put well over 240 hours into the game and plan on going back to complete the Daedric artifacts collecting that I'd missed on the complete playthrough. 10/10

Fallout: New Vegas: I really enjoyed playing Fallout 3 on the 360. It had this huge world that I could explore and the character interaction was beyond great. My only issue with that game was being forced to travel between all of the subway tunnels. New Vegas felt more open, with how you could travel between regions. 9/10

Mass Effect: I really loved playing Mass Effect on the 360. This title, along with Bioshock, were the reasons why I had bought a 360, even though I had already owned a PS3. I had completed the 1st title years ago, and actually started a second playthrough on the console. I never did finish that second playthough, but did finish a second play of the game when I'd bought the ME trilogy on the PS3. I'm seriously thinking about getting the trilogy on the PC. 8.5/10

StarCraft II: I really loved playing through the first game on the PC. StarCraft II was an instant purchase for my PC, when it was released. I really love RTS games, and this franchise is at the top, as far as I'm concerned. 8.5/10
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