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Re: Best Games of this Generation

Easy one for me, Red Dead Redemption. I thought it was just about perfect right from the start- the gameplay was drastically improved over GTAIV, it got the Wild West feeling down perfectly, and the characters were some of the best, if not *the* best, I've ever had the pleasure of hanging out with in a videogame. Then I got Xbox Gold, and the fun has continued for months in the almost-perfect multiplayer. The fact that most players are bastards just enhances the wild west feeling.

All my most recent best gaming memories are from this game- whether it's the ending of the single player campaign, Nigel West-Dickens, the pleasent surprise that was Undead Nightmare. Playing multi-player with my friend who has me in fits of laughter because he does stuff like nick my horse or run me over with his horse. One particularly memorable moment occured on multi-player... I was online, completeing gang hideouts, when I came across another player doing the same thing. Normally, people will automatically start shooting at you, but I rarely shoot first, so again, gave this guy the benefit of the doubt. Without speaking, we completed the hideout working together, then I headed to the next one. This guy decided to ride with me, and we carried on playing and working together to eliminate various NPC baddies. In an online world where people will do their best to troll you, it was a genuinely fun, lovely few moments.

I can't think of any games that come anywhere near as close as RDR for me, so that's the only one I'm mentioning. 10/10.

Edit: I guess GTAIV should get an honourable mention, specifically, The Lost and Damned. It's the only game with an ending that came anywhere near as close to making me feel how I did about RDR, and is a prime example of how DLC should be done. 8/10
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