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Best Games of this Generation

As mentioned by Abfackeln and JLB1987 previously, perhaps it would be fun to have a leisurely discussion as to what the best games of this slowly-dying generation are.

Also, we should vote on the GameCritics Forum Best Game of this Generation!

I'm thinking it could work like this:

Mention a game in this thread which you think is a contender for the title. Say something about it, one sentence or as many as you want, and then give it a mark out of 10. It doesn't need to be a review score, just a mark out of 10. If you feel a game is important, and should have a presence on the list despite it not being very good, for example, you could give it a 4. You can nominate any number of games.

We'll tally up all the scores, and crown a 'winner' at the end.

So even if you give something a 1, it'll be on the list at the end, it won't disappear. Games that receive multiple 7-10s will be at the head of the list, even though we feel that they shouldn't be there.

It may spark some discussion (feel free to agree, disagree, score other people's games etc), and we may be encouraged to play a game we haven't played.

A definition of 'this generation' is anything on console or pc from whenever this generation started - 2005 or so? We'll not split hairs. You can also go back later and change your scores, though try not to do that via tactical voting just to prevent GTA IV from scooping the award, for example.
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