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Re: What are you playing right now?

No one playing anything, huh?

Still on Max Payne 3, and I have stuff to add.

Multi-player is horribly unbalanced. Chances are, if you play, you'll find a lot of people duel-wielding. If you have this set up, it seems to be very easy to kill. These people tend to dominate the matches they are in. Also, the game's version of "kill streaks" ensures that good players get rewarded with extra help, and bad players get nothing. It is somewhat less unfair than, say, COD here- rather than direct kill streaks, the game used a three tier system of "adrenaline", and each stage is more effective than the last. For example, with the bullet-time "burst", one bar full gives you 2.5 seconds of slowdown, two tiers gives you 4 seconds, etc. You only lose part filled bars of adrenaline. That is, if you have one and a half tiers filled and you die, you only lose the half-bar. You respawn with the full bar. Also, adrenaline can be earned by looting dead players and (I think) completeing objectives, if you're playing in gang wars mode, meaning that it is possible to get these rewards even if, like me, you're not very good at the game. This said, I still enjoy multiplayer very much.

EDIT: Also need to mention the single player. Nothing spectacular, but the story is great (fairly standard action theme going, but certainly no worse than 75% of action films out there), and I love the attention to detail. If Max has a pistol drawn, he will hold his "main" gun in his other hand. If he duel-wields, he drops the big gun altogether, rather than have it disappear into his inventory. You can watch shows on TV, including "Captain Baseball Bat Boy, but in Brazil, it's overdubbed in Portuguese or something.
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