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Re: Why did GameCritics never catch on?

I use this site mainly for the fantastic forums. Despite the ridiculously low userbase, the interaction with other people here is brilliant. I value the fact that everyone here seems to be intelligent, unlike, say, Destructoid, who's demographic consists of people trying desperately hard to impress Jim Sterling/ Jonathon Holmes, and arrogant pricks. Seriously- I tried answering this one guy's question a couple of months ago, and immediately got shot down by him. Haven't really been back since.

The reviews, on the whole, are excellent. A couple of the authors I could take or leave (a few of the reviews tend to be a bit dry for my tastes), but I agree with what has already been said- honest opinions, here are the facts, here is what you need to know. I've both loved games that have been rated lowly on here, and hated games that have been praised. Either way, I knew exactly what was in store for me, and wasn't really surprised with any outcome.

It is a shame this site goes pretty unnoticed, but all we can do is carry on what we're doing- reading the reviews, contributing to the forums, and not acting like cocks whilst we're doing any of that.
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