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Re: Why did GameCritics never catch on?

This site has introduced me to many games that were under the radar or maybe fairly misunderstood over the years:

Animal Crossing (original GC version, we had a really active community here, trading and helping)
Mad Maestro
Katamari Damacy

Off the top of my head, those.

Many of these games were discussed here before other mainstream sites caught on.

Today there is a glut of online content and paths to discussion. GC is not at the vanguard of this today. That does not mean GC is irrelevant, just that GC does not have that key differentiator of being the only "thinkers" gaming site today.

I'll see the occasional thread on GameFAQs where people are pointing to a "bad" review published here. I think GC has picked up a bit of a reputation as "that site that gets hits by purposefully low-balling review scores". Ironic as GC was one of the first sites to NOT do a review score, only to reinstate that practice after a spell.
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