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Why did GameCritics never catch on?

Whenever I think about a game, I have to read the GameCritics review. Whether I agree with the review or not, I value the opinion of the GameCritics writer writing under that brand.

In general, when I read most reviews I honestly don't care that much about the author's opinion. I will read reviews from any source to figure out what a game is and filter out the opinion for the most part.

For example, Gamespot's 4.5 review of DuckTales: Remastered completely sold me on the game. Why? Because the review accomplished the simple task of telling me what the game is. I felt that for all the reasons this author hated the game, I will probably like it. Who knows, I may be wrong. This also speaks to the wisdom of reading the review, not just checking out the scores, an idea GameCritics was founded on, I think.

But when it comes to GameCritics, I value the opinion of the author (usually). The GameCritics review of the Alone in the Dark re-release sold me on the game, even though I wasn't receptive to the game in the first. It had a poor reputation due to its previous version. I already knew what the game was and was turned off, but the GameCritics review made me think about it differently, and this usually doesn't happen with IGN, Gamespot, etc. Those guys have never made me think differently about a game.

I ended up playing the game and the GameCritics review helped me understand what the game was trying to do and I enjoyed myself. And hey, the game being $5 helped I guess.

And that was just last month. I essentially use this site to find gems like this, games I've overlooked basically. It has always been a disappointment to me that the forums never got a lot of traffic. My own use of this site lapsed because I found that the ads were annoying at one point, though they've been scaled back I noticed.

The reviews are listed on Gamerankings, but don't reach the very top of the Google search results. The reviews don't get that many comments unless you are perceived to have gone against the grain. In that case, it's just a bunch of pussies with no arguments to offer.

While I don't agree with everything posted on GameCritics (where would the fun be in that), and you guys get too involved in the "portrayals of women/minorities/gays/whatever" trend that has been going on recently, I'm disappointed the site is not the biggest gaming site on the Internet.

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