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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Yes, I still can finish games occasionally. This time:
Shadowrun Returns! Which is a game that probably would never been made without kickstarter. A crpg with a powerful editor that's more akin to a development suite than a simple level editor, set in the Shadowrun universe, which had it's heyday in the 90ies. It's man meets machine meets magic in a quite unique genre-mix that works surprisingly well to combine a dystopian corporate society with a neat take on fantasy elements.

I played through in about 12 to 13 hours with a decker character, those individuals who can traverse the future-internet called matrix (not THAT matrix though and SR was way before the Matrix movies) to gather information, since information is power. My focus on decking (hacking) and social (charisma) meant I was oddly unprepared for early fights, where all I could do was spray and pray (actual name of the ability). Luckily not that much time is spent fighting anyway. It's mostly dialogue (a very story-driven game) and investigation. The whole game reminded me more on a Film Noir detective story than a classical rpg. That might not be everyone's cup of tea but I quite enjoyed it. The story itself is a bit predictable, but the quality of the writing carried me through the game no problem. Where a typical bioware rpg would flood me with endless seeming dialogue and exposition I don't ask for, Shadowrun managed to paint a lively picture of the world and characters quite elegant.

From a technical standpoint it has it's issues, number one being the awkward save system. There is no quicksave, only autosave at the beginning of each section. That resulted in me having to repeat a section early on 3 times since my poor decker got killed quite easily in early combat encounters. The UI could also use some work.

Overall a good game and promise for things to come. There should be a Berlin-centric DLC coming soon to which I look forward to. Since the world and the role of Shadowrunners is well established in the first episode, I really hope the next episode will be a less linear affair and leaves more possibilities to just explore some things on the side.

Thumbs up.
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