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Re: Last movie impressions

Pacific Rim
A movie about giant robots and monsters beating the living crap out of each other. What's not to like? The city-destroying fights are great, the storyline works quite alright (not quite Tolstoy, but fits the silly premise) and I like that not all the heroes are US cowboys (except for... the US cowboy...). I'd have only wished for a bit more screen time for some of the other Jägers. If you at any point liked anything related to robots or mecha in any way/shape or form go watch this movie.
Thumbs up.

The World's End
Funny but a bit thin on the actual story, it's a comedy about reliving the old glory days but without going all to deep into the subject matter. Nice movie, but some wasted potential there. Overall still:
Thumbs up.

Man of Steel
Dark and gritty reboot of the sunshine superhero and all-american perfect man Superman. I just don't think dark and gritty fits Superman all that well. Perhaps because I grew up with rather camp depictions of the all-american hero, I find this Superman with a constant facial expression of ongoing constipation a bit hard to like. By the end I thought it would have been better for the earth if he would have never shown up, that's perhaps not the right thing to think when thinking about Superman? I did like the first half hour or so and some snippets here and there, but it went downhill quite fast. The usual giant setpiece fights we came to expect from superhero-movies are of course also there, but in terms of city destruction Pacific Rim does a much better job. I have to say I enjoyed the Wolverine trailer prior to the showing more than the Man of Steel. Just because the Wolverine looks like the movie is true to character, while Superman isn't really?
Thumbs down.
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