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Re: Rate this second opinion piece: Final Fantasy IX

Hey holdthephone,

I love the crap out of IX, so reading this review was a bit like watching you curb stomp my cat, but by the time I got to the end, I thought, "Well, my cat is a jerk sometimes."

You're right: The gameplay of IX ain't so great, and you mount a damning case that's hard to argue with. Also, you're bang-on about the game losing steam as it wears on, but I'd say the charm lasts past the first few hours on into the second disc. Not that that excuses the final act, which I agree is embarrassing.

My one suggestion, since the game is several (console) generations old by now, would be to not shy away from spoilers. People are bound to get riled reading this review anyway, so you might as well set the stage for an in-depth back-and-forth in the comments about what parts of the plot are and aren't ridiculous.

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