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Re: What are you playing right now?

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Pretty fun. I've had to use walkthroughs to get past the first two levels, as the game is pretty... pedantic (for example, I know I have to cut something, but don't know where to cut it even though it shouldn't matter- the game's just really strict). Not a simulator by any means. The first level asks the player to perform a heart transplant, which entails smashing/ cutting the ribcage, taking out both lungs, spleen, and liver to get to the heart. Unforgiving, but a lot of fun.

Also, I love the meta-game on Steam- earning cards through buying stuff and playing stuff. Not because I want to collect meaningless, virtual cards, but because you can sell them. I've made 1 from doing practically nothing, which I've put towards a copy of Railroad Tycoon 3- saving me 33%. Can't believe people care enough about "Steam badges" and what have you to BUY fake trading cards, but if it means I get games that are on sale for even cheaper, I'm all for it. Not bad, considering I haven't gone out of my way to do this.
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