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Re: What are you playing right now?

Ah, I forgot the tournament. It was/is the community tournament of another gaming website I tend to visit (German). As it turns out there are a couple of Masters in the roster and generally people who, unlike me, didn't stop playing after finishing the Wings of Liberty campaign and reaching silver league. I haven't even played HotS so far, so I was completely unprepaired and the games were rather one sided. I had two sets of 3 games each, losing all of them. Hence I was out. The very last game I lost to devious cheese, damn Zerg! Was fun though, perhaps I can get myself to buy HotS at some point and prepare better next time. But then again, I could just play some Dark Souls

@Civ: the wacky 'alternate history' stuff is one of the things I love about Civ. Like the last game I had, where I was playing as America after a nuclear war where everyone was back to spearmen, creeping the way back up to having modern weapons and taking back Seattle from the Spanish knights raiding it.
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