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Re: What are you playing right now?

I'm currently sat around at ridiculous o'clock, waiting for my cat to give birth. Why does the miracle of life have to happen at half four in the morning?

Anyway, further thoughts on Far Cry 3- every time I play it, it cements my opinion that it's everything I expected of 2, yet failed to deliver. Example- I decided to rid a nearby camp of enemies, since it was more or less on my way to something else I was doing. I scanned the surrounding area, trying to get a reliable count of how many pirates were occupying the base- six of them. Just as I was about to hit them silently with my crossbow, I heard shouts, and then gun fire. They had spotted a tiger near the main entrance, the other side of where I planned on infiltrating the camp. Whilst they were preoccupied, I disabled the alarm, and waited on one of the roofs. Eventually the tiger ran away, and the remaining pirates returned- only three left. Took them down silently with ease.

Another example happned in an instant- I was tearing along the road in a jeep, when a deer ran across, followed by a tiger chasing it. Accidently hit the tiger whilst attempting to swerve out the way (I love the vehicle handling- difficult to master, and weighty, like it should be). Some accidental woodland justice, and a free tiger skin for me.

I'm still being overly cautious each time I go to play this, but it's looking really positive so far.
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