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Re: What are you playing right now?

As far as I know, it's indefinite- we're with Lovefilm, so I can have one game at a time, for as long as I want each time.

I'm going to have to consider going back to FC2 at some point, give it another try. But it dawned on me today, the reason I'm enjoying 3 so much is because there is this huge world to explore- and this time, there's actually cool shit to do in it! The one thing I do miss from FC2 is everything happening in real time- I don't have to go into a separate map screen to look at the map, which was infinitely more helpful than having to load a separate screen for that stuff this time round. There's no sat-nav style guide on the map when you set a waypoint, so I'm finding myself having to open the map a few times even on a relatively short journey. Also, I haven't really seen any fire effects yet. Just before I stopped playing FC2, that was the reason I kept going back to it. That, and the awesome buddy system, which hasn't made an appearance here so far.

There are a couple of other things that bug me. For example, being able to tag enemies on your camera and then see silhouettes of them even if they're behind something just seems cheap. And I'm playing on hard mode. It's excusable in Blood Dragon, you're playing as a cybernetic soldier guy.
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