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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
I am now renting the base Far Cry 3 game itself. Enjoying it, but am being cautious- took around ten hours on FC2 to realise just how awful I thought it was. The enemies spawning at checkpoint problem seems to be resolved, in that there don't appear to be fixed checkpoints. Also, liberating areas prevents enemies from spawning nearby. The setting is beautiful.
3 or 5 day rental? In fairness, the game could shine in that period, you won't have long to get sick of it.

Plus you don't have my Far Cry 2 baggage, so you can enjoy it for what it is, but I stand by my opinion that it is a terrible game.

Originally Posted by abfackeln View Post
Played a little bit of The Last of Us. Good so far, but not sucked in. Waiting to pass judgment when I get to play more. So far it is the typical modern video game of cut scene, linear path, cover based shooting, repeat.
The actual gameplay, though incredibly well executed, isn't great, but the whole package is really good. Perhaps if you like stealth, it's an amazing game.

For me it picked up big-time when I got the shotgun. Fuck you, Stealth!
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