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Re: What are you playing right now?

Bought Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Seems pretty fun so far, certainly having a better time with it than I did Far Cry 2. Action is solid enough, and I really like the neon-drenched setting. Don't really find the humour funny- it mostly consists of references to various 80s films and TV programmes, and and the humour relies on one "getting" these dated references. Is this an actual form of comedy? Do people find references to things of yesteryear amusing? I guess Peter Kay has a stand-up career, so they must do. The whole dated futuristic vision is very well done though.

However, had to put a stop to that, as I am now renting the base Far Cry 3 game itself. Enjoying it, but am being cautious- took around ten hours on FC2 to realise just how awful I thought it was. The enemies spawning at checkpoint problem seems to be resolved, in that there don't appear to be fixed checkpoints. Also, liberating areas prevents enemies from spawning nearby. The setting is beautiful.
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