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Re: So... the XBox One then...

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
They claimed the "power of the cloud" would be a game-changer (somehow, have been quite fuzzy about the specifics apart from Turn 10 with their oddly named 'Drive-atar'). So games are not changed anymore or do we have to connect to the internet now either way when playing on Xbone (:P) and the U turn is just a marketing ploy?
MS has been fuzzy about a lot of things and claimed weird things. Probably the main problem. Valve was not always loved for what they did. But i think it was never unclear what they offered. At least after they put the online authentication warning on their game boxes. And later they even sweetened their system with crazy sales.
I'd say MS could have done full-DRM also with success. They were accepting huge loses from the get go by out locking half of their old user base, accepting that old Sony fans certainly won't see much reason to switch sides, but if they went on stage and said you could share a game with 10 people and/or said retail price would be 50, digital even 45... and presented the but afterwards. Some users, or at least a lot more then before "180", would have considered it, and publishers would have been happy (although i'm not sure if family plan was ever part of the deal with EA and Ubi).
But since i guess even now not everyone knows what their plans are since they dropped the line about a possible change of their policies in the future, MS just continues in giving their potential customers a clouded view on their plans.

Infinite power of the cloud (tm)
Instead of using physical dedicated servers for specific games replacing this system with flexible 300.000 virtual ones is hardly a game changer. It's just cheaper and a lot easier to maintain for developers.
Driveatar certainly also works without going into a magic cloud, on "normal" servers.
I'm kind of surprised that servers don't work like this for a long time. Actually thought this is already the case and understood the news of MP server for this an that was shut down only as a the specific virtual system was shut down.
Since Bone-games have been designed so far in mind that everyone is at least once a day online, everyone might had to include some sort of online-gimmick, but the only thing that's changed now is that this gimmick is not needed anymore.
MP still needs Online, no change. Power of the Cloud still active. SP needs no gimmick anymore, no substantial change.
Game changers never really existed, so far, they just got rid of DRM and are now on par with Sony, who will also offer cloud services. Like they already announced. Sort of.

The same fuzziness with the family plan they now claim it would have meant full game for all 10 people.
I'd say the rumour about it being a demo much like the PS+ 60min full game trial, made complicated with the family plan nonsense, is more plausible than what they say now it was.
If it would have been an awesome feature they would have made it clear from the beginning, talking about it at the e3 show, not as a first reaction to consumer uproar afterwards.
Sane PR would talk about that first and then say in exchange you can't sell your game. Not the other way round.
Sony had to limit their game sharing to 2 consoles, because publishers were upset and now MS would be allowed 10 full licenses per sale? Really MS? Magic of the infinite power of cloud? huh?

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