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Re: So... the XBox One then...

I liked this guy's post on the Gizmodo article:

Totally agree. Thought MS was really moving things forward with the X1 while PS4 was basically an updated PS3. We all know that the graphical leap between console generations isn't what it used to be. There needs to be something more than just upgraded hardware to make these things next-gen. Pushing towards an all digital system was the best thing that MS was doing.

Of course there would be a transition and blowback but can't believe how bad it was. People love to whine and complain and act entitled. Some of the comments about the DRM, online connection have been insane. People need to understand, you don't need to play videogames, you don't need a new console. These are fun things that we spend a pretty good chunk of money on because we want to, not because we need to. People acting like MS was threatening their rights is crazy. If we are living in a world were our content is Digital, our music, movies, games, etc there will be DRM of some sort. If not, I would buy one copy of a game and give it to 100 people. How many of the people screaming about DRM are the same people that torrent every episode of Game of Thrones?

I'm pretty bummed that MS gave into a bunch of screaming children. Really they were moving forward making an awesome console with great new features while Sony was essentially upgrading the hardware of the PS3. Now MS is taking quite a big step back. Hopefully they can regain their footing and continue to move forward
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