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Re: E3 2013

Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
I can't believe that MS would believe that they can sell the Xbone for $500. What were they thinking?
I don't understand Microsoft right now. Even mainstream media like the BBC are reporting about it's dodgy business model. They want the Wii audience but at an iPad price, delivering to the regular tv consumer what apple tv already does. They cut off a big portion of potential customers with their always-online requirement and take away the sense of ownership from disc based games for cynical corporate gain.

Oh, and let's not forget...

PR disasters along the way. Even without Sony having a go at them...

This "console war" starts with one opponent stuck in the mud of it's own misguided ambition, sitting on a dead horse. While I didn't see much difference between PS3 and 360, this time there seems a clear philosophical difference. Sony wants to get gamers on their side and delivers a game console, because they believe in games as a medium. Microsoft wants to be the entertainment hub and have sports, television and blockbuster games.
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