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Re: E3 2013

PS4 has no always online requirement, doesn't block used games, costs 100$/€/ less, doesn't violate your privacy, has no region lock and does look slightly less awful. Oh, and the disc you bought implies ownership and isn't a voucher for a digital copy loaned from the publishers. Why anyone would still want a xboxone over this, I can't comprehend.

Dark Souls 2 - trailer music was shite, game still top of my watchlist, speaking of watch:
Watch Dogs - still looks sweet, still runs on current-gen consoles
Rayman Legends - Origins was a blast, legends looks great again, also current gen
Galak-Z - almost overlooked this indie gem, topdown open space shooter... the only next gen-only game in my yay-list lol
Titanfall - CoD crossed with Hawken? Looks promising, if it's something worth putting money down for I'm getting the PC version though.

Ryse - more ryse of QTE combat? Apparently the demo was 'misrepresenting' combat and the actual game has less focus on QTE. Well, all I saw were X and Y-prompts hovering over the battlefield and an awkward spear-throwing competition. Overwhelming thought: "please show another Dark Souls 2 trailer instead!"
Killer Instinct - perhaps it was just the awful scripted 'smack talk' on stage, but that just left me cold.

rest I'm indifferent or wait for more information.
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