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Re: MGS4 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I'm playing through MGS4 for the 9th time and I just completed the 1st act and I went on to South America. I was using the really crappy million DP gun and all of the sudden a friggen TORNADO came through and picked up every single body that I had killed or was still alive and made them all drop everything they had on them..Has this happened to any one else?
You're using the musket aren't you? -_- turns out that "Crappy 1,000,000 DP gun" (the musket) you're using... Well the reason why
It costs so much is because of the tornado. Yep. The gun caused that.
It's actually its main purpose. It's actually pretty useful for large groups of hostiles. So if you don't want bodies to go bye bye, I got a
Solution... DON'T USE IT!!!
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