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Wink Re: MGS4 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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so how do you beat flying mantis? I have worked on her and not been able to do it. I also only have 4 rations and nothing else.
The easiest way I found was to shoot the dolls she carries
With a (moisn-nagant?). But if you shoot them a certain amount
Of times, the dead haven troopers you killed will fly and
Protect the dolls. (Note): shoot the haven troopers protecting the
Dolls and quickly shoot the dolls. Otherwise another haven trooper
Will just protect the doll again. And also, use the syringe when she
Gets her puppet strings into you. Otherwise, your aiming starts to suck. Once she drops the both the dolls, use the mantis doll
To shoot little spirit orbs at her, then follow the on-screen instructions.
She should then turn into a regular chick. The rest
(Tranquilizer or lethal) is up to you. Oh, one more thing... Meryl will turn hostile two times. Just simply knock her out both times. And to use the syringe, first equip it in your item menu, hold L2 and press X.
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