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Re: Dark Souls 2

Yeah, they certainly talk a good game. I am nervous though, given that they finally have an AAA marketing budget, and the vision is being supplied by two game directors (are they Capcom guys? Please god let them not be Capcom guys!).

So firstly, we've seen what happens when games are made more 'accessible' - cf Dead Space, Hitman etc - in order to justify those massive budgets.

As an aside, and this is just a fun what-if?, what would you think if they introduced difficulty settings? I'd be ok with it, I think, but the big drawback there is you are no longer playing the same game as everyone else.

Secondly, having two directors could mean the game is designed by committee. Pure speculation of course, but I think it is a danger.

I'm right to be a little bit cautious, I think.
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