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Re: Dark Souls 2

Most of my fears were put to rest with the 12 minutes gameplay video on IGN earlier this year:

... and the subsequent interview:

Dark Souls had a couple of new elements compared to Demon's Souls and I hope that Dark Souls 2 will bring in some new elements as well. I like the part in the demo where he needs to light a torch to see in the dungeon. It seems there is a difference between day and night. That reminded me on Dragon's Dogma, where the first nights outside are terrifying, which would suit Dark Souls nicely. There is already plenty of speculation if the character depicted in the trailers is the forsaken son of Gwyn. It would fit the voiceover, which sounds like an angry old man denouncing his firstborn:

Perhaps DaS2 is themed around him the same way the Artorias of the Abyss is centered around the knight of the same name, even though the final challenge is someone else entirely.

Since we're at trailers, despair:

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