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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
QXZ- Fair points. Being a very poor COD player myself (and not coming up against anyone who has exploited the system as shown in the video), I wouldn't really be able to comment on how unbalanced the gameplay is. I think it's pretty ridiculous rewarding players who are doing well anyway with the killstreak perks, however, and that video is quite an eye-opener. How does the second one compare for balancing issues? Most people I know on tend to play on that, but I'm not going to bow to peer pressure if that is also a broken multi-player experience.
The multiplayer Black Ops 2 is quite a bit better in some ways. The "killstreak" awards are now given based on points. In a game mode like Kill Confirmed -- where winning requires collecting fallen enemies' dog tags -- you score points for a kill, but more points for collecting tags. One thing I'm happy to see is that the attack helicopters are only likely to score about 5-10 kills a minute, as opposed to 50+ in the first. And the respawn system is somewhat competent, though there are still occasions where it's possible to pop back to life far too close to an enemy player.

Unfortunately, I still think there are some serious problems with it. CoD's melee combat -- a one-hit kill knife swipe, regardless where it hits -- is still an abomination. BO2 still suffers from the same "what you see isn't what you get" gunplay mentioned earlier. And the attack dogs are still overpowered, though the jury's still out on whether or not they're completely broken.

Just to let you know, I've put about 100 hours into the online multiplayer (simply because I'm that kind of a masochist, and if I wanted to write a review of this game, it's better to know everything possible). I haven't touched the campaign or zombie modes yet.
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