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Re: Best 'Current Gen' memories?

Mass Effect: Knights of the Old Republic was one of my favorites on the good old XBox, but I still felt that this style of RPG had room to grow. Mass Effect was everything I was expecting from a more modernized RPG. It had a good storyline, solid combat and a great attention to detail. I was sort of disappointed with the changes that were made with ME2, but it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Fallout 3: I had never played the original Fallout games, before I'd played this on the 360. I had longed for an open world game, where I could just wander and explore, without having to always follow a preset path. This game was just amazing, as was its followup, New Vegas.

Skyrim: Brad and some of the other GC crew may not be so fond of this title, but I just loved the open world exploration that this game offered. Sure, the story wasn't anything to write home about and most of the side-missions weren't that great either, but with so much to explore and do, this game absorbed over 240 hours of my free time. I'd like to play more RPGs like this one.

Starcraft 2: I didn't play the original Starcraft, until about a year before this game came out. I didn't even think I would enjoy Starcraft, after playing Command & Conquer and Warcraft II, but Starcraft was a more polished game. Starcraft II was even more amazing than the first title. PC technology finally got to a point where 3D models didn't look like boxey characters and the gameplay was ultra-smooth.

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