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Re: So where do you get your gaming news...?

I don't really bother with gaming news so much. I visit three sites on a daily basis - Gamecritics, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Operation Sports.

As with Rob, if I see something in the Twitter sidebar (usually Sparky saying, "they've fucked this right up"), I'll investigate.

For RPS, though I don't bother opening most of their articles, they are good for seeing what has just been released, and have a good eye on the indie scene.

Operation Sports I just go in very briefly to check if there is anything worth seeing (usually there isn't what with a lot of updates in the sports genre being rosters-related, or announcements of new basketball shoes in-game); I spend more time in OS around the time of new releases.

Other than that, I do a quick trawl through sites like Eurogamer, the Escapist etc every so often, but this is looking for features rather than news. If I was looking for a release date for a specific game, Eurogamer.

But not that interested in news, really.
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