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Re: So where do you get your gaming news...?

aside from the Twitter feed, here?


-Steam's newsfeed

I like the Escapist. Mostly because I like Bob Chipman's film reviews and 'the big picture' segments and I LOVE Jim Sterling's rants about the business.

I like LRR's 'Checkpoint' series, very funny.
Extra Credits is required viewing for everyone, imo
I like the Classicgameroom video series, and
I like the 'All your history are belong to us' series on Machinima

In general tho I feel there's just too much gaming news and gaming discussion and opinion and just endless youtube videos of corporate and non-corporate 30-40 something white guy hipsters and maybe a girl, sitting at tables, drinking coffee or microbrews and talking in buzzwords about the minutiae of gameplay. It's not news, it's like overhearing people at work talking about something...

for ex: recently I tried (tried!) subscribing to whatever channel Adam Sessler was on because he's said a few things I agree with. But then, what happens- my youtube feed was choked with videos from his site, and mostly it's just boring tedious shit, like a 24-7 cable news network. It's overkill.

Even Machinima, which has some great content, isn't worth subscribing to, imo, because they just bury your news feed with junk, they'll post like 100 videos a day... it's spamming that serves corporate more than the gamer... so I don't bother...

Game news, imo, isn't a bad thing, there's just too much of it, and for me, it's only interesting, and only really approaching journalism- when it's used to address the rights of consumers to get better product.

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