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Re: What are you playing right now?

Tomb Raider-

just an hour or two in, liking it alot so far.

Pros: good job of establishing jeopardy, believable scenario and characters, movement physics and feeling like a part of the main character are conveyed expertly. (compared to say, Uncharted, where I never felt in any danger, or that anything was at stake)

Cons: what's climbable and isn't seems a little arbitrary. Upgrade system is overdone, deliberately tedious-seeming. I hate when action games push a menu of equally pointless upgrades on you to seem more 'RPG-ish'.

minor quibble: you can fire a powered up bow shot that will kill most human enemies with one hit, but still need to put 3 arrows in a deer. My father-in-law explained bow hunting to me awhile back- a clean shot from the side, dead-center through the shoulderblade will puncture the heart and hobble a deer. That is, an arrow through the shoulderblade from the side on a deer = a headshot on a human...

anyway- lol- just grumbling.

It's a very pretty game, and I 'got' right away that the focus was survival, not archaeology. In some ways, it's closer to a survival horror game than an adventure, but a more realistically defined horror.

btw- the story and voice acting are quite good.

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