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Re: How popular is Cricket & Rugby in the UK?

I watched a little bit of a Sri Lanka cricket match on the ESPN app on the 360. Not enough to fully understand it.

I would say that a game that lasts a few days is weird, but that really isn't much different than a baseball series. When two teams play multiple games over a few days. I have a hard time following Baseball too. Way too many games to keep up with. Although I watched a pretty good game a few weeks ago.

There was an international rugby competition in Las Vegas in February that I spent the entire day watching on TV (I was sick). I understood and enjoyed it.

Wish I could live in Europe for a little while to experience these sports with the proper fans. I did get to see a Real Madrid vs Barcelona match (on a tv in a restaurant) while I was in Barcelona. I was going to see a match in Madrid a few days later, but it was way too expensive and I didn't know if I was getting ripped off.
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