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Re: What are you playing right now?

I'm looking for the PS3 version which was released yesterday. Mostly, I'm curious to see if it still holds up as a good game, or if I just got carried away the first time round.

The Director's Cut sounds like a cash-in, in fairness. The combat is still there (though they have done away with all difficulty modes except Easy), and they have fixed the map so it doesn't spin around with you, and some controls. And made the graphics 'better' somehow.

There is a gun you can get early on with unlimited ammo (same in original) so I'll be going straight for that and breezing through the zombie killing. I wonder if they've left in the horrible, horrible QTEs though?

War in the North does have splitscreen for local co-op, allegedly. Please note that we both got the game for free, so your enjoyment may not be the same if you pay big bucks.

I'm playing the female mage, who starts off a bit underpowered but its soon taking vast chunks of health off enemies with her ranged power. Note that there is a very awkward boss fight at the end of the first level too, but once you are over that, it's all good.
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